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After many years in the industry, Tim Jordan created mohogo in order to provide a simple, cost-effective way for people to sell their motorhomes.

With no need for expensive advertising, haggling or additional sales people Tim will handle your sale from start to finish.

Why mohogo?

If you're fed up with leaving messages on answer phones, texts and emails, waiting for decisions to be made, wouldn't it be refreshing if someone said "I'm on my way" then we can sit down with a coffee and chat about how we move forward.

Tim prides himself on face to face contact, a phone call not an email, a visit to meet you and to listen.

The Trade want to deal with mohogo so we make the calls you don’t want to.

We can offer the opportunity to ask dealers to bid for your vehicle which can increase the price.

You may want more money but can wait longer - similar to a house sale - that again can increase the price.

Let us use our nationwide trade contacts to maximise the price you get.

That's the mohogo way.

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"A motorhome dealer put me in touch with Tim at mohogo as he said he's the best person to talk to if you're selling!

They were right! Great doing business with you."

Arthur, Sheffield


"Thanks Tim, for listening to why we had to sell 'Bessy' and for obtaining the price we needed. "

Wilf, Cardiff

Every motorhome is unique. Most dealers use a ‘guide’ price whereas mohogo considers your motorhomes uniqueness including all extras, service records and condition.

That is why mohogo wants to make an appointment to view your motorhome in order to maximise your return.

Every quote is price checked and we have over ten dealers using our services which helps to get you, the customer, the highest price.

Over 20 years' experience

You cannot beat experience. At mohogo we not only have the knowledge of motorhomes but also who will pay the highest price.

After more than 20 years’ in the industry we have the trust of both buyers and sellers. This we are very proud of.

Personal, friendly, and convenient

It seems obvious but, unfortunately, these days of social media, computers and mobile phones, we feel not enough attention is actually given to you, the customer.

Wherever mohogo can help, we will. Sometimes we can obtain much improved results by sitting down, chatting, listening and then coming up with the best option available to suit you.

Saves you time and expense

We all seem to live busy lives these days, even when retired. At mohogo we pride ourselves on taking the pain out of selling. Let us do the work for you. Our experience enables us to contact all prospective buyers on your behalf and obtain:

one meeting

one conversation

one collection date

one payment into your account

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